5 Benefits of Hiring A Warehousing and Logistics Service Provider

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It’s pretty simple. A temporary warehouse can be a boon to your business and help with cost optimization. Many companies choose an external warehouse to improve efficiency and make inventory management more effortless. There are multiple reasons to lean on a warehousing and logistics service provider, but here are are the top five benefits according to our team of experts:

Expand Reach With Lower Costs

A temporary storage option helps you avoid the extra expense of leasing or purchasing a warehouse of your own. If you were to buy a warehouse, you would have the space but also the additional expense of staffing, security, maintenance, insurance, and technology. With a warehousing and logistics partner like Delivery Express Logistics, it’s all part of the deal. And not to mention, our warehouses are TSA-certified.

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Flexibility: Grow When Needed

Flexibility is key for businesses that experience regular fluctuations in their output. A third-party warehousing and logistics provider gives you space that you can use during peak times and release during slow periods. You only pay for what you need, and you always have available space to grow when the time is right.

Reduced Costs & Higher Efficiency

Warehousing and logistics companies manage inventory, shipping, and related activities at a lower cost and a higher rate of efficiency than most of in-house teams. Depending on the space you need, warehouses usually have multiple clients in them, which reduces the cost to each customer.

Save On Transportation & Fleet Costs

A warehousing and logistics partner like Delivery Express Logistics ensures that its customers save on transportation costs. That’s because we handle all of the transportation for them. Our multiple locations, including Seattle and Spokane, offer cross-docking and order fulfillment. And we contract with over 100 independent carriers, matching your freight to the right vehicle type. Our fleet consists of all vehicle types ranging from cars to 53’ trucks and everything in between.

More Reliable For Your Customers

Partnering with an experienced warehousing and logistics provider makes things more reliable for your customers. And at the end of the day; that’s what it’s all about. You always know what to expect from us.

Delivery Express Logistics is a transportation specialist in the Pacific Northwest. We have the experience you need, serving our customers for more than 25 years. By entrusting your warehousing and logistics management to Delivery Express Logistics, you have the power to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and remain focused on your core business.

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