5 Problems On-Demand Couriers Can Solve For Your Business

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Using on-demand delivery from a third-party logistics company like Delivery Express Logistics provides great flexibility to companies with local or regional delivery needs.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s start with addressing what exactly on-demand couriers are.

What Are On-Demand Couriers?

On-demand couriers are drivers that complete a delivery whenever the need arises. Often an item is high priority and needs to be delivered as quickly as possible. Couriers need to be strategically situated to be able to respond to sudden demand. Shippers choose from a variety of service levels and corresponding cost options.

A logistics company like Delivery Express Logistics offers a variety of shipping solutions often with a lower cost and a higher level of expertise than a shipper can achieve internally.

Five Problems On-Demand Couriers Solve

on-demand couriers vehicles

A company’s delivery operations may not have the necessary vehicle types to transport certain shipments. For example, the shipment may require a van, but your in-house fleet only consists of cars. By working with an on-demand couriers company, you do not have to say “NO.”  You can immediately say “YES” to your customer’s request and get the right vehicle for the job. Just like it was a part of your fleet. On-demand couriers have cars, vans, pick-ups, and box trucks. Anything you need they have.

on-demand couriers driver shortage

When company drivers or fleet vehicles become unexpectedly unavailable, it can be difficult to maintain or restore your internal delivery operations. The unavailability of drivers or vehicles can cause a service disruption, which can negatively impact your customers, your business, and your bottom line. An on-demand couriers company often has around 100 drivers on the roads so backups are readily available.

service area expansion

Expanding your operation into a new geographic area can be difficult due to the lack of experienced, local drivers and driver support infrastructure. You may not have the time or resources to build out your infrastructure. And even if you do, it could take months or years to get it up and running smoothly. A logistics company like Delivery Express Logistics has carriers in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and numerous other states.  Our carriers are familiar with all the cities and towns we service. The same goes for our dispatch operations experts. That means you can launch your new service area coverage seamlessly.

on-demand couriers surges

Shippers are often faced with expected and unexpected surges in demand. If this happens, it is difficult to scale up quickly from within. An on-demand couriers company like Delivery Express Logistics can be there for you quickly with as many vehicles as you need to successfully address and support the increased demand. Our team of logistics professionals will collaborate with you to develop customized solutions that will be able to meet your needs on an ongoing basis

on-demand couriers technology

If something must get somewhere within an hour or even just on the same day, it tends to be something critical that your client or you need. No one can be satisfied if you do not have up-to-date tracking on a shipment like this. This is not technology that you can implement overnight. It takes a significant investment and staff training to implement a technology solution that offers this.

Since transportation and logistics is our sole focus, we have top-of-the-line technology.  And when you have a partner that provides a strong technology platform, it provides an immediate benefit for you and your customers.on-demand couriers delivery express logistics
Delivery Express Logistics has been working in the on-demand couriers space for more than 25 years and has experience providing services throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska. We work with the best drivers in the Pacific Northwest.

Our company can help you solve your transportation challenges and provide great flexibility for your company. Contact us to give our on-demand couriers a try today.