5 Ways Courier Services Benefit Healthcare Logistics

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The Pacific Northwest is a leading region for healthcare, with considerable concentration in healthcare logistics and delivery, biomedical research and applications, and training for doctors and other medical staff.

Healthcare logistics services provide a vital link between hospitals, laboratories, clinics, and medical providers. They ensure that specimens, lab results, x-rays, and other medical materials are delivered to the correct destination, intact, and on time. Hospitals and labs in the Pacific Northwest rely on these services to ensure that their patients receive the best possible care.

A healthcare logistics company can benefit the industry in five main ways:

healthcare logistics delivery with care

When time is of the essence, courier services can get your items to their destination quickly and efficiently. Whether you need a lab specimen urgently transported across town or across the region, a pharmaceutical delivered in the middle of the night, or critical supplies delivered on a weekend or holiday, medical courier services can get the job done fast.

healthcare logistics delivery driver

Healthcare logistics specialists have drivers trained and certified in handling hazardous and HIPAA-sensitive items to ensure the safety and security of medical deliveries and prove it with a verified chain of custody.

healthcare logistics TSA certified drivers

Many hospitals and labs use airlines to transport medical specimens long distances quickly. It is vital to use a courier service with experienced, TSA-certified drivers. These drivers are intimately familiar with the airport, have undergone a background check and certification from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and are authorized to perform critical security and safety services at airports.

Medical couriers should also utilize the latest technology that produces secure, easily accessible end-to-end chain of custody documentation. Healthcare providers need ready access to shipment information that begins at collection and ends at final delivery.

Healthcare logistics drivers are equipped with proper equipment that ensures that ambient, refrigerated, and frozen specimens move from pickup to drop off at the proper temperature. And temperature control is critical.

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