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Medical Delivery Service

At Delivery Express Logistics, we are known for our expertise and chosen for our care. And that’s the way it has been for more than 25 years. We cater to any industry but medical delivery service is our specialty, with more than 80% of our overall deliveries helping the healthcare industry in…

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Seattle Residential Delivery Service

Residential+ is our fully customizable Seattle residential delivery service. It’s safe, convenient and tailored to your every need.

Our deliveries appear to come directly from you without the additional overhead and execution of doing it all yourself. And we give your customers and parcels the care and attention that matches the high quality of your…

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Image for Holiday Shipping: Think of Logistics Companies As Your Elves

Holiday Shipping: Think of Logistics Companies As Your Elves

Black Friday usually marks the kickoff to the holiday shopping — and in turn — the holiday shipping season. But consumers are seemingly shopping earlier and earlier every year.

Is your business ready for the holiday shipping rush? Transportation issues impact every aspect of your business. What do you ship now that…

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Why Your Business Needs Home Delivery Service

Home delivery service is the most convenient way to get products into the hands of your customers. In the past, we mostly saw it used for food deliveries. But the landscape changed during the COVID-19 pandemic. And there is no looking back now. Many stores and businesses offer same day delivery service…

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