Medical Courier Boise

Idaho Physicians and healthcare providers know that a reliable medical courier is essential to their practice. For instance, specimens and important deliveries must arrive quickly. Further, medical professionals need a medical courier in Boise that’s HIPPA and DOT-certified. That’s why you’ll want to choose an experienced medical courier in Boise, ID such as Delivery Express Logistics. We deliver in Ada County and in cities and towns throughout Idaho and the Pacific Northwest.

Boise Medical Delivery and Logistics

Delivery Express has years of medical logistics experience in the healthcare industry. We provide Idaho and the Pacific NW with 24/7/365 medical courier services. In addition, it’s easy to coordinate deliveries using our QuickSIGN and QuickPROOF cards. As a result,  our customers have time for patient care and other important matters.

Professional and Confidential

Our HIPPA and DOT-certified drivers ensure sensitive information and samples are kept private. Also, our medical couriers create a safe, efficient connection between labs, hospitals, and physicians. Most importantly, you can relax knowing privacy laws and healthcare standards are strictly followed.

It’s Easy to Get Started

To get started, contact Delivery Express online. Alternatively, you can call (888) 895-1005 to schedule a pickup.

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