Home Healthcare Delivery for the Pacific Northwest

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The demand for home healthcare delivery and logistics is greater than ever, and it will continue to grow as patients lean more into telehealth. That’s why we offer safe, secure, and expert residential medical delivery for companies, clinics, and hospitals who handle lab specimens, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and other healthcare items across the Pacific Northwest.

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Residential+ Home Healthcare Delivery

Home healthcare delivery allows you to enhance patient care with efficient and flexible solutions with Residential+. Our carriers are on the road 24/7 across the Pacific Northwest, meaning you can get your items to and from patients whenever needed. And we can help you scale as the demands of telemedicine and home healthcare increase over time.

You choose the level of home healthcare delivery service you need:

Direct – We’ll pick it up within 30 minutes of order placement and take it to its destination.
Rush – Delivery Express Logistics will get it there within 2 hours of order placement.
Priority – We make these deliveries within 4 hours of order placement.
Economy – Place your order by 12pm and your items will be delivered by 6pm.

We offer on-demand, same day, and scheduled/routed home healthcare delivery service.

Trained and Certified Carriers

And our home healthcare delivery service is safe and secure. Our carriers are HIPAA and Blood Borne Pathogen certified, and they’re extensively trained in safe specimen handling procedures, giving your deliveries the care and attention they require. And our warehouses follow strict TSA-certified security requirements.

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Industry Leading Technology

We are a technology-driven company, using industry leading tools to ensure safe, secure, and on-time delivery. Our technology offers real-time tracking, proof of delivery, and verifiable chain of custody for all of your deliveries.

We not only track unique specimen information, but also specimen type and the required temperature for transportation. That includes frozen specimens that need dry ice. We are expertly equipped to handle the most complex specimens.

And if you have an unmanned box location, our proprietary QuickPROOF card technology gives you peace of mind to know that specimens have been picked up and real-time assessment of when they’ll be delivered.

Medical Testing Home Delivery

Some of your patients won’t, can’t or simply don’t need to make a trip to see you. That’s where our Residential+ home healthcare delivery service comes in. Our carriers are on the road day and night every single day, including holidays delivering medical testing kits and lab specimens. It’s flexible and convenient for all involved.

Pharmaceutical Home Delivery

Monthly or weekly, new orders or refills, we deliver pharmaceuticals directly to your patients. It’s the caring touch many of your patients are now coming to expect.

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Whether it’s pharmaceuticals, medical tests, lab specimens, blood or even confidential records, our home healthcare delivery service is the right choice for you and your patients across the Pacific Northwest.

Contact us to learn more about our home healthcare delivery and logistics service. We offer Residential+ in Seattle, Portland, Boise, and anywhere in between. At Delivery Express Logistics, we are known for our expertise and chosen for our care.

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