Trusted On-Demand Medical Delivery Service

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Efficiency and accuracy are vital in the healthcare industry. If you’re a medical professional, we’re not telling you something you don’t already know. What you might not know is how trusted on-demand medical delivery service helps keep the healthcare industry moving quickly, safely and securely.

Fast & Reliable On-Demand Service

On-demand delivery service plays an important role in safely and securely transporting medical deliveries, and getting each delivery where it needs to be when you need it there. We are medical delivery experts at Delivery Express Logistics, serving the healthcare industry in the Pacific Northwest for more than 25 years. We offer different levels of on-demand and same day delivery.

Direct: We pick up your order within 30 minutes of order placement and take it immediately to its destination.

Rush: Delivery Express Logistics delivers your order within two hours of order placement.

Priority: We pick up your order and deliver it within four hours of order placement.

Economy: Place your order or call by 12pm and we’ll get your delivery to its destination by 6pm.

That includes on-demand and same day medical deliveries of any size, weight and shape, thanks to our diverse fleet of vehicles– from cars and vans to 53-foot trucking options.

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Certified Medical Delivery Experts

The speed of delivery doesn’t impact our approach to trust and safety. And it shouldn’t with any on-demand delivery provider. Cutting corners simply isn’t okay, especially when it comes to your patients.

Our carriers are HIPAA, Bloodborne Pathogen, and TSA certified. They are expertly trained in the proper handling of lab specimens to avoid specimen damage and/or contamination. We handle each medical delivery with the utmost care and attention to detail.

We track unique specimen information and specimen type, and meet the required temperature for transportation. That includes frozen specimens that need dry ice. We’re equipped to handle complex medical deliveries.

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Medical Delivery Technology

You’d be amazed how many delivery and logistics companies use antiquated technology (if you can even call it technology at all). It’s the 21st century and your medical deliveries deserve the best technology on the market. You should expect nothing less.

Delivery Express Logistics is a technology driven company. We continue to research and invest in technology that provides added value to our customers.

Our online ordering platform makes placing and tracking on-demand and same day orders easy. Once on the move, you have access to real-time tracking, and text and email delivery notifications. Our team uses analytics tools to monitor and anticipate traffic, and order and call volume. And our proprietary QuickCards make contactless delivery a breeze (imagine not having to take off your gloves every time a delivery arrives!).

Trusted on-demand medical delivery technology

Trusted On-Demand Medical Delivery

At Delivery Express Logistics, we are known for our expertise and chosen for our care. We take immense pride in our on-demand and same day medical delivery service.

We quickly, safely and securely handle all of your lab specimens, pharmaceuticals, confidential records, and anything else you need transported from one location to another, including residential pick up and drop off.

When it comes to medical delivery, choose a team you can trust. That team is Delivery Express Logistics, serving Seattle, Spokane, Portland, Boise, and the entire Pacific Northwest.

Contact us to learn more about our on-demand and same day delivery service. And if you’re in a hurry, receive a quick quote now. We’re on the road 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round — even on the holidays.

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