Overnight Unattended

Taking Care of Business

We know how important it is to squeeze every minute out of every day. That’s why we offer overnight unattended delivery service. Whether you have one stop or many, our carriers will have your freight delivered before your customers get to work so they can get down to business right away!

Overnight Unattended

Cross Dock Facilities

Delivery Express has a network of five cross dock facilities in Washington and Oregon. They are located in Seattle, Spokane and the Tri-cities and two facilities in Oregon (Portland and Medford). This allows us to efficiently and effectively transport your freight and exceed your delivery expectations.


We utilize a wide variety of trailer types to service your transportation needs, whether you ship 10 pallets or 15 large boxes; – we have you covered.

Inter Store Transfers/Returns

Do you need inter store transfers or have returns that need to be picked up regularly. Get those items back into your inventory fast with our help.

Route Planning

With our expertise in routing; we can build your routes for you or work in conjunction to create the most efficient and streamlined schedule for you and your clients.


Delivery Express offers:

  • Proactive tracking and shipment monitoring from pickup through delivery.
  • Online ordering that allows real time delivery information.
  • An online account that offers numerous reporting capabilities: Access to invoices, order summaries, service level summaries.
  • Proof of Delivery (POD) confirmation with an electronic signature, QuickSIGN/QuickPROOF scan, or a picture.