Medical Delivery Service for the Pacific Northwest

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At Delivery Express Logistics, we are known for our expertise and chosen for our care. And that’s the way it has been for more than 25 years. We cater to any and every industry. But medical delivery service is our specialty, with more than 80% of our overall deliveries helping the healthcare industry in Seattle and across the Pacific Northwest.

Our professional carriers are HIPAA, Bloodborne Pathogen, and TSA certified. They are specially trained and they’re dedicated to making medical deliveries with the utmost care and attention to detail, handling lab specimens, blood, pharmaceuticals, confidential records, and more.

residential medical delivery service

And whatever your need, we have a service level built just for you. That’s because our offerings are flexible and fully customizable.

Residential Medical Delivery Service

Residential+ is our business-to-door step medical delivery service. Our industry leading technology gives you real-time tracking and provides you with a verifiable chain of custody for all of your medical items.

On-Demand Medical Delivery Service

Our on-demand medical delivery service is built for your immediate needs. Simply place an order online or give us a call and we’ll immediately get a carrier on the way. We are on the road 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, including holidays.

Same Day & Next Day

We offer same day, next day, and scheduled/routed medical delivery service for different needs and budgets.

Direct – We’ll pick up your medical delivery within 30 minutes of order placement and take it to its destination.
Rush – We will get your medical delivery there within 2 hours of order placement.
Priority – We make these medical deliveries within 4 hours of order placement.
Economy – Place your medical delivery order by 12pm and your items will be delivered by 6pm.

Special Emergency Services

Time is of the essence during life threatening situations. That’s why we offer emergency medical delivery service. These deliveries instantly become our top priority with all hands on deck. We are here for you when you need us most.

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Delivery Express Logistics is a technology driven company. We invest in technology that provides added value to our customers. This is especially important for our healthcare deliveries. We not only track unique specimen information, but also specimen type and the required temperature for transportation. That includes frozen specimens that need dry ice. We are expertly equipped to handle complex deliveries of all weights and sizes.

QuickPROOF & QuickSIGN Cards

Our proprietary quick cards make medical delivery service quick and easy for you. If you have an unattended lab location, our QuickPROOF card lets you know that specimens have been picked up and offers real-time assessment of when they’ll be delivered. And our QuickSIGN card is used in place of your signature. That means there’s no contact and no need to take off your medical gloves.

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If we haven’t made it clear already, medical deliveries are our top priority at Delivery Express Logistics. We offer safe, secure, and flexible solutions in Seattle, Spokane, Portland, Boise, across the Pacific Northwest, and the entire west region.

Contact us to learn more about our medical delivery service and find out how we can help you today. And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube to learn more about our services, company culture, community impact and more.