Residential+: Home Delivery for the Holidays

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Delivery Express Logistics brings a holiday twist to logistics with Residential+, a home delivery service that is transforming the way companies across the Pacific Northwest cater to their clients.

Residential+ is our customizable, business-to-doorstep delivery solution, ensuring that each home delivery reflects the quality and spirit of your organization. As the holiday cheer spreads, let Residential+ handle the hustle of deliveries with its tailored approach, making your clients feel the joy of the season directly from you​​.

Residential+ holiday home delivery service

Home Delivery for Every Industry

Residential+ is versatile, catering to various industries. Whether you’re in retail, needing swift same day or next day home delivery for last-minute holiday shoppers, or a restaurant delivering festive feasts to homes in Seattle or beyond, Residential+ has you covered. It’s equally adept for medical deliveries, ensuring timely and safe delivery of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies during the bustling holiday season. No matter your industry, Residential+ adds a touch of holiday magic to your deliveries, enhancing customer satisfaction and festive spirit​​​​​​.

Tailored for the Holiday Rush

Our Residential+ home delivery service is designed to meet the unique demands of the holiday season. With on-demand home delivery, we pick up and deliver parcels according to your specific holiday schedule, ensuring that all deliveries are timely and efficient. This flexibility is invaluable during the busy holiday period when delivery needs can vary significantly​​.

Advanced Technology for a Merry Experience

Leveraging our industry-leading technology, Residential+ ensures a smooth delivery process. Features like advanced route optimization, automated order entry, and customized notifications keep you and your customers informed every step of the way. Picture proof of delivery and custom reporting options add an extra layer of reliability and trust, crucial for maintaining the holiday spirit​​.

Residential+ holiday home delivery service technology

Home Delivery to Connect with Remote Teams

For businesses with remote or hybrid workforces, Residential+ is a festive messenger, delivering holiday gifts, supplies, or engagement materials. We help maintain a warm, connected, team holiday atmosphere, even from a distance​​.

Delivering Holiday Joy

Residential+ is more than a home delivery service; it’s a partner in spreading holiday cheer. It’s not just about delivering parcels, but also joy, care, and a sense of holiday wonderment, right to the doorsteps of your clients. This holiday season, let Residential+ be your sleigh, bringing smiles and festive spirit to every delivery.

Please contact our team of professionals today. Our carriers are ready to hit the road 24/7, including every holiday. We’re always available whenever you need us.

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And Residential+ isn’t only around for the holiday season. Our home delivery service is available year round in Seattle, Spokane, Portland, Boise and anywhere in between.

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From our team to yours: happy holidays!