Residential+ is our customizable, business-to-doorstep Seattle residential delivery service that offers a more elevated customer experience than our standard delivery.

Residential+ is our safest, most individually tailored pickup and delivery service option. We provide your clients a residential delivery service that seems like deliveries come directly from you, without the overhead of having to execute it yourself. Give your customer and your parcel the care and attention needed to ensure that each delivery reflects the quality of your organization.

seattle residential delivery service

Seattle Residential Delivery Features

COVID-19 Compliant

All of our carriers meet the most current COVID-19 standards. Masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, wellness checks, and immediate testing when warranted are part of our standard protocol. And our carriers never come into contact with anyone when picking up or delivering parcels.

Medical Delivery

Residential+ is especially well-suited to the medical field. Our carriers are HIPAA certified and trained in safe specimen handling procedures. If your parcels require a carrier with a background check, we have you covered there too. Our technology gives you real time tracking and provides you with a verifiable chain of custody for all of your critical parcels.

On-Demand Residential Delivery

We offer on-demand residential delivery. That means we pick up your parcels when you’re ready to ship. Depending on a number of factors we will deliver the same day or the next. Let’s talk about how we can make Residential+ work for you.

seattle residential delivery same next day

Dedicated Seattle Residential Delivery

Do you need a driver to be your expert or a fleet of drivers to help you spread out across the region? Residential+ can be configured to meet your specific needs with carriers that handle only your parcels. You call all the shots and leave the rest to us. Any time of day, any day of the week, any special instructions to follow are all part of the dedicated version of Residential+.

seattle residential delivery service


The biggest difference from our traditional services is our technology and ability to customize Residential+ to meet your specific needs.

  • Our advanced routing optimization software ensures that we are able to maintain a high level of efficiency and keep costs low
  • Automated order entry
  • We offer easily customized notifications for your customers—picked up, dropped off, or “next up” notifications by text or email
  • No contact pickup or delivery
  • Picture proof of delivery
  • Custom reporting options
  • Custom Dashboard that puts the status of your parcels right in front of you

seattle residential delivery service

Contact us to find out how our Seattle residential delivery service can help you and your business or organization.

At Delivery Express Logistics, we are known for our expertise and chosen for our care. And that’s the way it’s been for more than 25 years across Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.


Limited space or no space to offer curbside pick-up?  With Residential + service you can offer same day or next day home delivery.


Serving your customers at home? We can help you with targeted residential delivery service. Give your customers the welcome they deserve with Residential+.


Monthly or weekly, new orders or refills. High quality patient care delivered to the front door by us. It’s the caring touch your patients expect.

Remote workforce

Supplies, samples, or employee engagement programs. Residential+ helps you stay connected to your remote workforce.

Medical testing

Patients can’t or won’t always make the trip to see you. Just because they’re stuck doesn’t mean that your testing has to be.

Consumer engagement

If you can’t get customers to come try you out; you may need to go to them to be sure they know what you have to offer. We put a “+” at the end of the name of our new service so you can put it at the end of yours.