Supplementary Courier Service When You're In A Pinch

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When you are shorthanded and need help, Delivery Express Logistics has the solution. We offer supplementary courier service to businesses and organizations in Seattle, Spokane, Portland, Boise, and across the entire Pacific Northwest. We have your back when you need us most.

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Vacation Relief Supplementary Courier Service

Let’s say it’s summer and school just let out. Your staff is due for some much deserved rest and relaxation. But vacations are thinning out your in-house delivery crew. Our supplementary courier service gives you the vacation relief you need. And our carriers are on the road 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including the summer holidays. That means there will be no holes in your schedule and your business can seamlessly continue on.

Holiday Rush Supplementary Courier Service

Speaking of the holidays, there’s always a mad delivery rush after Thanksgiving. And as people say, it’s never bad to be busy. That is, unless you don’t have the coverage with your in-house delivery team. Once again: enter Delivery Express Logistics. We have hundreds of experienced and qualified carriers who complete more than 1,000 deliveries per day across the Pacific Northwest.

Medical Specialists

We can supplement any industry, including medical. In fact, healthcare is one of our specialties. Our carriers are TSA, HIPAA, Bloodborne Pathogen, and DOT certified. We make sure your medical deliveries are handled with the utmost care and attention to detail, and are delivered where they need to be when they need to be there.

Whether it’s vacation relief, the holiday rush, or any other reason, Delivery Express Logistics is always at your service with supplementary courier service. And we have any type of vehicle you could need: cars, vans, and even 53-foot trucks.

Dedicated Fleet

And if you’re simply tired of the overhead and headache of running your own in-house fleet, we can also provide you with a dedicated fleet. Say goodbye to purchasing, insuring, staffing, repairing, and fueling your own fleet. And say hello to a Delivery Express Logistics dedicated fleet. We have the vehicles, carriers, and technology to give you total control of your deliveries and cut down your costs.

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Experience You Can Count On

Delivery Express Logistics is a transportation and logistics company you can count on. And it’s been that way for more than 25 years in Seattle, Spokane, Portland, Boise and the entire Pacific Northwest. We’ve even expanded our services to reach more western states.

Contact us to find out how our supplementary courier service can help when you are shorthanded. We have a team of professionals ready to spring into action.

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