Tacoma Medical Courier

Delivery Express Logistics understands that having a reliable Tacoma medical courier is important for your practice. Laboratory samples must arrive quickly, and critical samples must be handled with care by an experienced professional who can keep them safe and secure.

We have all of those bases covered and more. Contact us for all of your critical Tacoma medical courier services.

Our medical delivery team is trained to transport medical shipments that require special handling. Because our medical delivery services ensure 95% of transportation assignments are completed on time, you’ll be glad you chose Delivery Express Logistics.

Tacoma Medical Courier Services

Delivery Express Logistics serves medical clinics, hospitals, and independent healthcare providers in Tacoma and beyond. Above all, our mission is to help our partners spend more time focusing on patient care and less time worrying about logistics.

Equipped for Your Delivery

We have the technology for all of your safety and security needs. For example, we track not only unique specimen information, but also specimen type. We also track the required temperature for transportation, including frozen specimens that need dry ice. In addition, we’re equipped to handle complex specimens. As a result, you can relax knowing that Delivery Express Logistics is prepared for your delivery.

Choose Your Level of Service

Since you’re in charge, you choose the level of service.

Direct – We’ll pick it up within 30 minutes of order placement and take it to your destination.
Rush – Delivery Express will get it there within 2 hours of order placement.
Priority – We make these deliveries within 4 hours of order placement.
All Day – Just call us by 12pm and your items will be delivered by 6pm of order placement.

Tacoma medical courier

Whatever your unique requirements, our professional Tacoma medical courier service handles the job 24/7, 365 days per year. Given this, discover how an accurate, reliable courier service can make a difference.

  • Delivery Express Logistics delivers throughout Washington, the Pacific Northwest, and the entire west region
  • Our TSA, HIPAA, and Bloodborne Pathogen certified couriers undergo DOT-certification, background checks, and drug screening
  • We make pickups and deliveries convenient with QuickSIGN and QuickPROOF cards

Contact Us for More Information

Call Delivery Express Logistics at (888) 895-1005 or contact us online. We’ve proudly served Tacoma for more than 25 years and we can’t wait to help you.