The Pacific Northwest is 100% open for business!

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 We are ready and raring for what’s ahead

This is it! The month we have been waiting for – the Pacific Northwest is 100% open for business. No more masks, life seems back to normal – woohoo!

For Delivery Express Logistics Inc. (DELI), we were needed more than ever by our clients during the pandemic as they quickly transitioned their businesses to weather the storm. Now, as employees head back to their offices and normal life starts to return, DELI is proud to say that we haven’t skipped a beat: our fleet size is the same as pre-pandemic and our staff has grown.

During the pandemic, we made significant investments in our technology, making it easier for customers to share important shipment information with their own customers. Custom labels, custom pickup and delivery notifications by email or text, and custom reporting so they could get the information they need when they want it.

Anything you need

We are ready and raring for anything and everything you need from us! Should that be a new scheduled, routed pick-up and delivery service, or need our warehouses in Seattle and Spokane for inventory as you get your stores restocked.

Perhaps you are dealing with the labor shortage. Well, our fleet of TSA, HIPAA certified drivers can fill in the gaps. We can take over some functions that you used to handle in-house and provide cost savings while doing it. And our team of professionals is anxious to look at a wide variety of custom ways to lower your costs.

Whatever you need from us now that the PNW is 100% open for business  – we are here and ready to find ways we can help you emerge and thrive! We’re your ally. Use us in ways that you may not have thought of before. And if you can imagine it just ask us for it.

We can help

We can help you succeed by focusing on what has changed and what remains basically the same for you, your customers, and your industry. And we will help to create new tools these groups now need. The result will be succeeding in an environment that, while different from the past, is no less rich in possibilities.

Call or email us today!