Photo by Joel Hatfield

Same Day Trucking

Local Same Day Trucking

When you have tight deadlines for your freight, Delivery Express same day trucking service is what you need. It doesn’t matter if you have a few pallets or a lot to be delivered, we have a vehicle that will be just right for you. We offer a wide range of vehicles from 16-26 foot box trucks to 28-53 foot trailers. No matter where you are in the Northwest our service brings peace of mind knowing your load will reach its destination safely with unrivaled speed and efficiency.

Rush – Delivery within 2 hours
Priority – Delivery within 4 hours
All Day – Call by 1pm Delivery by 6pm

Appointment Times

Do you have an exact time you need to have your freight picked up? Maybe something you’ve shipped requires an appointment for delivery.  We’ve got you covered. Once the appointment is set leave the rest to us. 














(†) Hero image: Interstate 5 Photo by Joel Hatfield, 2012. From Flickr Creative Commons.