TSA-Certified Warehouse Security

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Delivery Express Logistics is a TSA-certified indirect air carrier. That means we don’t have an FAA license to fly our own shipments, but we transport cargo to air carriers for delivery. And since it’s highly regulated, TSA certification comes with strict security standards, including warehouse security. And TSA security standards are updated annually.

TSA certified warehouse security gate

TSA-Certified Warehouse Security

We are committed to staying on top of the latest TSA security protocols. And this year, warehouse security updates included adding chain link fence internally around and over our warehouses. Anyone who requires access to our warehouses that isn’t TSA certified now needs to be accompanied by someone who is TSA certified. And that’s only a fraction of upgrades we completed.

TSA certification and offering safe and securing warehousing is nothing new for us. We’ve long been certified and our warehouse security always included an alarm system and high definition cameras. But we’re continuously working to make sure we meet the TSA (and ultimately your) warehouse security standards.

Warehouse security upgrades chain link fence

TSA-Certified Carriers

On top of warehouse security, our experienced carriers are also TSA certified. That means they undergo thorough background checks, security training, and regular testing. That clearance allows them to enter TSA controlled airports or facilities, meaning your items are secure throughout the transportation process from warehouse to air carrier.

If you’re looking for a TSA-certified delivery and logistics partner, you found one in Delivery Express Logistics. From warehouse security to certified carriers, we take every step of the transportation process seriously. It’s our priority to keep your goods safe and arriving on time. And that’s the way we’ve approached our business across the Pacific Northwest for more than 25 years.


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