Warehousing Solutions for the Pacific Northwest

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Warehousing solutions play a vital role in the supply chain. They allow for timely delivery and optimized distribution. Which in turn leads to happy customers. 

But you already know that. That’s exactly why you’re here, searching for a warehousing solutions in the Pacific Northwest. And the great news is; the search stops here.

Delivery Express Logistics is an experienced and trusted logistics, warehousing and distribution partner. We offer TSA-certified warehousing solutions in Spokane and Seattle.

warehousing solutions pacific northwest

Strategically Located Warehouses

Delivery Express Logistics understands the importance of convenient access to major transportation routes.


Our Spokane warehousing and distribution facility allows easy connectivity to all the major highways, including I-90 and US 395. And it is a short 11 mile trip to Spokane International Airport.

The Spokane warehousing and distribution facility boast 8,000 square feet of warehouse space, five bay doors (including one overhead door), and ground-level access, ensuring the seamless movement of goods in and out of, and around the Inland Northwest.


Our Seattle warehousing and distribution facility is located in Tukwila. It’s at the intersection of three major freeways, within five miles of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and only ten miles from downtown Seattle.

Warehousing Solutions

Distribution Center

If you need a distribution center to store and deliver your freight throughout the Inland and Pacific Northwest, and you don’t want the cost and headache of operating your own facility, rely on Delivery Express Logistics to do the job right.


Our warehouse locations in Spokane and Seattle are perfect for cross-docking. Whether you’re looking to route shipments to different locations or consolidate shipments from different origins, we can make that happen and keep your freight moving.

Short Term, Long Term & Emergency Storage

If you don’t want to purchase or lease your own warehouse facility, then rely on us to take care of your freight until you want it to move. Do you need your products to go out on a schedule? You can store your freight with us for the day, a week, a month or longer if needed.

Extra or Overflow Space

If you currently have a warehouse but need additional space we have options for you.

Warehousing Solutions for the Pacific Northwest

Warehousing Solutions Seattle

Trust Delivery Express Logistics to handle your warehousing and distribution in Spokane and Seattle, while you focus on your core operations. Contact us today for efficient and reliable warehousing solutions in the Pacific Northwest.

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