Why You Should Trust Reliable Medical Couriers

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Labs provide critical services. Any delay in transportation can pose a threat to patient care. So it’s vital for you and your lab to entrust reliable medical couriers that will take proper care of their shipments.

It is sensitive lab specimens, pharmaceuticals, and critical supplies, that require the utmost care, handling, and attention to detail. Handling and security are the two of the most essential requirements to ensure items reach their final destinations safely.

If you are not confident in your medical courier, then it’s time to rethink your partner. Delivery Express Logistics knows exactly what is at stake and prides itself on meeting the highest standards of patient care in Seattle, Portland, Boise and beyond.

Advantages Of Hiring Reliable Medical Couriers

Every single delivery initiated by a hospital or lab involves a patient. Drivers are the direct connection between your patients and your lab, and they are the reason trained experts are always necessary to handle medical deliveries. Our reliable medical couriers are HIPAA-certified drivers, providing the extra insurance that you need to meet your high standards of patient care.

Reliable courier companies that use best-in-class technology enable you to maintain an easily verifiable chain of custody. They offer real-time updates for your shipments, email confirmations, frequent message notifications, and instant email signature/photo capture as proof of delivery. Greater technology and visibility proves that you can be confident in the service you are getting.

A qualified transportation provider can prove its ability to handle all types of complex specimens. Their software provides not only unique specimen information but also specimen type and required temperature control info for transportation.

Make sure that the courier companies you’re looking at, place a high priority on the driver’s background and experience. Reliable medical couriers must maintain specific certifications like HIPAA, bloodborne pathogens, and safe specimen handling procedure training. And have the proper safety kits in their cars should anything go wrong.

Reliable customer service is an essential requirement for every lab to consider before contracting with a logistics firm. The logistics firm needs to have a responsive team available 24/7/365 to attend to inquiries and resolve issues quickly.

You need to have a company that mirrors your level of dedication to patient care. Partnering with a logistics company to handle the transportation, distribution, and deliveries, allows you to shift these critical functions to experts whose sole focus is logistics. Transparency breeds trust. Therefore, insist that your chosen logistics firm is able and willing to prove they are getting the job done.

The Benefits

The benefits of outsourcing your medical logistics services are significant. When it comes to customized solutions to your logistics operations, you need a company that completely understands your needs and is capable of fulfilling them. You want a company whose top priorities are patient care and are experts in medical logistics. You want a logistics provider that acts as a transparent extension of your firm and that holds itself to the same level of service that you require from your own staff.

If you are looking for reliable medical couriers, the team at Delivery Express Logistics is the medical logistics partner you need. Get in touch with us for a personalized approach to your lab deliveries and medical courier services in the Pacific Northwest.