Why Your Business Needs Home Delivery Service

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Home delivery service is the most convenient way to get products into the hands of your customers. In the past, we mostly saw it used for food deliveries. But the landscape changed during the COVID-19 pandemic. And there is no looking back now. Many stores and businesses offer same day delivery service with some even offering two hour delivery service options. Sephora, PetSmart, and Target are just a few companies delivering same day now.

Most importantly, due to the “Amazon effect,” consumer expectations for home delivery are rapidly evolving. Purchasing decisions are becoming more and more influenced by the delivery experience versus any other type of interaction. Traditional delivery standards cannot meet the timeliness and quality that consumers are demanding and it’s quickly becoming a massive challenge for businesses nationwide.

Consumer Expectationshome delivery service consumer expectations

*Data compiled by Invesp (https://www.invespcro.com/blog/same-day-delivery/)

There are three keys to success for home delivery and you are probably already doing two of them: taking orders and packing up the purchases. The third key is logistics. This piece is the trickiest and requires quite an investment if you try to handle it on your own.

The Disadvantage of In-House Delivery Service

  • Increased costs related to the creation of logistics infrastructure
  • Swelled labor costs
  • Elevated operating costs
  • Inconsistent delivery coverage due to inability to flex staff as needed

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Advantage Of Outsourcing Home Delivery Service

  • With a third-party logistics provider, you get access to an entire fleet.
  • Benefit from economies of scale by outsourcing to efficient, local fleets
  • Third-party logistics drivers know the areas and the routes they should take to be the most efficient.
  • Third-party logistics companies are staffed by local experts that ensure your shipments arrive consistently on time.

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Our Residential+ home delivery service is exactly what you need to get products to your customers at home. It’s our customizable, business-to-doorstep delivery service that offers our safest, individually tailored pickup and delivery service option. We provide your clients a service that feels like deliveries come directly from you; without the overhead of having to execute it yourself.

Rely on Residential+ from Delivery Express Logistics to meet your customers where they are, and meet the delivery standards they expect from your business.

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