Delivery Express Logistics Joins American Expediting

Great news to start 2023

I am writing to share some very exciting news. After 26 years of serving customers throughout the Pacific Northwest, we are spreading our wings. As 2022 ended we joined forces with American Expediting.

American Expediting may be a new name to you, but it is not a new name in the logistics industry. Their reputation as an industry leader is well known and we have admired them for many years. We are thrilled to now be on the same team!

You will not see any changes in our current service territory. You will continue to see the same drivers and interact with the same service team. You’ll continue to receive the same level of dedication and care that you have come to expect.

What you will find that is new is that you now have the same dedication and care all over the country. We now have team members in most major markets that share our values of Integrity, Leadership, Resilience, Excellence, Safety, and Professionalism.

Some back-office functions like payment processing, contract administration, and compliance review will now be done by the national service team. You’ll also receive a notice in the next day or so that provides updated payment remittance information.

We will stay in close contact as we always have. It has always been important to us that we know how we’re doing. We love to hear all of the positive feedback and to act quickly whenever we miss the mark. Please don’t hesitate to share all of your feedback with me whenever you have it.

The last 26 years have been amazing. The entire Delivery Express team is here to stay and we are all looking forward to serving all of you for the next 26 years and beyond.

Thank you,

Dave Hamilton