Same Day Courier

24 Hour On-Call Services

Because Delivery Express knows the most important thing to you is a safe and secure on-time delivery, possibly at an odd hour, we offer 24 hour on call courier service. To meet your quick delivery needs, day or night, we’ll pick up a shipment of virtually any size or weight and get it to your desired location in your selected amount of time.

With our qualified and compliant carriers you’re in good hands. Whether you need something picked up within 30 minutes and delivered immediately, delivered within four hours or by the end of the day we’ll dedicate a carrier to get it there for you.

We want to make this work best for you so you choose the level of service

You’ll never have to worry about where it is because when you place your order online or over the phone you’ll be able to track the package the entire way to its destination.

Delivery Express On-Demand Courier Services offers:

  • Proactive tracking and monitoring from pickup through delivery.
  • Online ordering that allows real time delivery information.
  • An online account that offers numerous reporting capabilities: Access to invoices, order summaries, service level summaries.
  • Proof of Delivery (POD) confirmation. POD confirmation can be an electronic signature, QuickSIGN/QuickPROOF scan, or a picture. We also have bar code scanning capabilities.

Order Your Courier Online

We can make pickup and delivery very easy. If you’re busy on the job and can’t stop what you’re doing, or if your job requires medical gloves, our innovative technology is the answer. Our unique QuickSIGN/QuickPROOF card can be put somewhere for us to easily scan and your work won’t be interrupted. At Delivery Express we offer solutions to fit your needs.