Save time with QuickCards

They’re simple, fast, secure… and just plain cool!

The QuickSIGN Card

  • Your Delivery Express Logistics QuickSIGN Card can be used in place of your signature for every Delivery Express delivery.
  • Simply show your QuickSIGN card to your Delivery Express carrier upon delivery, wait a brief second for them to scan it, and you’re done!
  • The QuickSIGN Card is ideal for use in medical, office and manufacturing environments and can be used as an effective time-saving option in any business! Clip your card to your badge holder, store it in your office desk, or keep your card in your wallet for a quick “show-and-go” signature option.

The QuickPROOF Card

  • Your Delivery Express Logistics QuickPROOF Card can be used for proof of pick-up or delivery at any unattended location.
  • Use the QuickPROOF card in drop boxes, supply rooms or in your warehouse.
  • Simply place your QuickPROOF card in an easily accessible location for our driver to scan. Once scanned all the pick-up or delivery information is recorded. Even though you’re not there, the information is!

quickproof & quicksign

Use your simple, secure and time-saving Delivery Express Logistics QuickSIGN or QuickPROOF Cards and say goodbye to ever needing your signature again.

Please complete the form below and we will mail your personalized QuickSIGN or QuickPROOF card to the address listed. Enter your name as you would like it to appear on the card.

  • The QuickSIGN and QuickPROOF Cards includes a unique QR code used as an electronic substitute for your signature. As with any personal and confidential information, your QR code should not be shared or used by anyone other than yourself or your official designee(s). Delivery Express is not responsible for lost, stolen, or shared QuickSIGN or QuickPROOF Cards and puts the sole responsibility on the QuickSIGN and QUICKPROOF Card user(s) to keep it in a secure and safe place.

QuickSIGN & QuickPROOF Cards